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The photographers here at Synergy bring flair, artistry, skill and passion for the perfect picture to the job. Striving for excellence is key and we always look for photographers who want to be the best at what they do. They also happen to be a well presented, amenable, and highly committed bunch. We have a lot of fun here and we want you to have an enjoyable experience too! We want to remind you off the bat that there won’t be any awkward moments when we take your picture and there is no hard sell or obligation to buy.

Having said that we are very good at what we do – clients fall in love with their images and spend on average around £400-£500 with us, leaving only with products that they absolutely love. As far as we're concerned, as long as you have an enjoyable, authentic experience then we know we’ve done our job to the best of our ability. We want to build a relationship with you that follows your journey in life. Now see below all About Us...

Our Heritage

The Story of Synergy

Matt gave up flying in helicopters for the Royal Navy and Mark gave up his day job at an investment bank to bring you Photographic Synergy. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! After travelling to South Africa, flanked by the deserts and Kilimanjaro, learning to take photographs and orchestrating the perfect shot, Matt teamed up with Mark who became the business brains behind the creative venture.

Linked by their passion for and interest in people, their aim was to create something meaningful through photography. So they created a company based on fun, shared experience and a passion for pictures but above all, striving for excellence and authenticity in a way that would truly enrich people’s lives.

Good Deeds

1+1 = 3

Our mission at Photographic Synergy always went beyond the passion of photography. We wanted to create something that’s worth more than the sum of the component parts. When we talk about 'enriching lives', we really mean it. Co-founder Matt Fisher said: “I did a run across the desert in Africa for a charity that did facial reconstructions. Back at home, there we were running a photographic studio that had a real focus on family life and particularly children, showing how beautiful they are. A few thousand miles away there were children who are not so fortunate. It struck me that through our photography here in the UK we could raise awareness and money - to enrich other people’s lives in a very different way.”

Photographic Synergy work with a range of charities such as the Cat Survival Trust, Children With Cancer and Project Harar as well as local schools and arts ventures to document their activities and offer prizes for fundraising events. We really believe there is a way to make a change, even if it’s one person at a time.


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