All Grown Up Portraits

All Grown Up Portraits

Some 13 years ago we embarked on creating Photographic Synergy.

This was at a time when I had just finished my short career in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy and when my sister had not long given birth to my niece Lauren. Over those past thirteen years or so, life as we all know it has passed by. Photographic Synergy has grown in its own stature and reach. Ups and downs trials and tribulations have been present in all our days and years.

The other day I received a phone call from Lauren asking for bit of advice about her options for GCSE.

This in itself was a potent shock; highlighting the time that has passed from Lauren being a poster baby for Photographic Synergy. Now making an important decision that would shape her adult life. This in turn took me back to my options and how that served me and the path of life that I went down. This had a further knock on affect when my parents were able to comment on my education and upbringing and indeed their own. Added to this on that same weekend I saw my grandma who turned 91 and my elderly aunt who is somewhat immobile in a home.

So why do I talk of all this. Well time and tide wait for no man.

We can’t manage time, only ourselves and what we do in our short time. We are all but a collection of memories and a legacy. Treasure the moments, capture your life so that you all can relive the legacy and the memories in years to come. As we all really know, those years come all too quickly.

At Photographic Synergy so often we hear from parents who have teenage children. They swiftly dismiss the idea of teenage portraits of them or indeed as a household.

As they often proudly and staunchly exclaim they’ve done that and children aren’t interested. Honestly, some of the most poignant family photos we have taken are when the children aren’t children; they’re adults in their own right. Off to university, a year out or finally flying the nest. These are all great opportunities to get that up to date family portrait and indeed get that All Grown Up portrait of your older children. If not now when? At a wedding in 2019? Funeral in 2021, that dream of a family holiday sometime in the future. If you have teenage children, when was the last decent group shot you have of you all? Furthermore, is it up on the wall or out in a frame or is it ‘somewhere’ on ‘someone’s’ phone?

This is you – if you’ve not had photos of your family in the past 5 years then I genuinely welcome you to our studio for a fun. Relaxed photo shoot with a genuine £250 gift card to use on products as you choose.

There’s no catch – if you don’t like the photos or can’t see the value in them you don’t spend anything, instead, utilise the £250 gift card and leave spending nothing. This is the acid test for the value you place on your family photos and the quality of what we capture of you.

Call the team on 01727 809140 or click here to book an All Grown Up shoot.

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