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Avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot

Posted Jul 09, 2019 - lt
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We often get queries from clients about what to wear for a photoshoot, and we know it can be stressful for some people to know what to wear to look their best so we hope this blog can lend a hand in helping you to prepare for your shoot and avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot.

What to wear to a Family Photoshoot

Multi Generational Photoshoot

Some of our clients want to know what to wear to a Family Photoshoot and our first answer is always: plan ahead. Although this would be our go-to advice for all our clients, this is particularly useful for family photoshoots as there can be lots of people involved, particularly in multi-generational photoshoots. You don’t want to be rushing around trying to figure out what each family member should wear on the day of the shoot, so discuss it with your family ahead of time and decide on an outfit choice for each person to avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot.

What to wear to a Newborn Photoshoot

Insert Image
Simple Newborn

We’ve also had clients wanting to know what to wear to Newborn Photoshootsand we know it might be tricky trying to choose just one outfit for your little one so we’re always happy for parents to bring a couple of outfit changes to get a variety of different shots. Your precious newborn will look beautiful no matter what they’re wearing, so it’s personal choice as to whether you want to dress them up, or have them in a simple onesie or baby grow

Simple Onesie or Baby Grow
All Dressed Up

Coordinate Colours

Jeans and T-Shift

As a rule of thumb, our advice is to try to coordinate colours as much as possible, and avoid anything too patterned or any large logos. Coordinating outfit choices is particularly important for group shots, as if one person is wearing something exceptionally bold it can be distracting, or throw off the balance of the finished photograph. Given that these photographs will live in your family album and adorn the walls of your house, you may also want to give some thought to whether the clothing choice is timeless and if the colour of the clothing would work well in your home, generally speaking the simpler the better.

Coordinate the Kids
Coordinating the Family

Wear what feels comfortable

The Casual Look

Truly though, for any photoshoot, it’s whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever suits the style of photograph you wish to have. If that means getting your glad rags and high heels on, then you’re free to do so, but if you’d rather be in jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt that’s great too! 

Tell a Story

Make it your own and personal

Personal Photoshoot

The point of any photoshoot is that it’s yours. These are photos you will keep and cherish forever so you should have a say in the clothes you wear and how you want to look. The more comfortable and confident you feel, the better the photos will be. If you have hobbies then don't hesitate to bring along outfits and props to make the shoot more personal to you! This is our advice to help you avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot.

Gymnastics Fun
Hockey Hobby

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