Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We tend to get asked a number of recurring questions from new customers, so we thought we’d share the answers with you here, that way you know what to expect from a photoshoot at Photographic Synergy. See our Frequently Asked Questions listed below…

1. How long will the photoshoot last?

Our photoshoots typically last for one hour. This is usually plenty of time to get a good variety of shots, but not too long that the kids, or animals, will get bored and restless. There are a couple of exceptions to the rule. For example, our Newborn Photoshoot is 4 hours so we don’t rush you or baby; and our Makeover Photoshoot is 2 hours because it involves 1 hour make-up and dry hair dressing, then a 1 hour photoshoot.

2. Why do I pay a refundable deposit?

Your photoshoot at Photographic Synergy is FREE. We charge a fully refundable £50 deposit to book any regular photoshoot with us. This books your photoshoot in our diary, and gives us some commitment that you’ll attend the shoot allowing us to safeguard our time and effort. It is purely so we can plan ahead and have the right people ready for the appointment and give you the best experience. If you keep your original shoot date, we increase this to a credit of £75 should you wish to invest in our work. if not, we will process the refund of your £50 back to you at the time of the viewing. 

There are exceptions to the rule. For example, our Cake Smash and Makeover Photoshoot’s bring with them a £50 charge which covers the cost of the cake and decoration, or the cost of the make-up artist we provide for you. Our Watch Me Grow Photoshoots require a £150 deposit because this involves 3 photoshoots each with a £50 deposit. Our Newborn Photoshoots require a £100 deposit because they are scheduled for 4 hours of our photographers time, so we get the perfect images for you.. 

3. Can I reschedule my photoshoot?

That’s fine! We simply ask that you give us 72 hours’ notice of any cancellation. We then refund your deposit or book you a new photoshoot. As long as you attend your photoshoot your deposit will be fully refunded to you at your viewing. 

If you leave us less than 72 hours’ notice, we will be unable to refill your slot in our diary. In this case if you cancel and do not re-book you lose your deposit, which we hope you agree is only fair and decent. However, if you re-book we ask you for another deposit, but then refund you both at your viewing.

When a client books a photoshoot in our diary the studio dedicates the people and resources required to make sure the clients experience is perfect. Our diary is often booked weeks in advance. This represents a huge commitment in time, staff, resources and studio space. Sadly, if someone fails to attend or cancels with very little notice it is impossible for us to to re-fill that time slot in our diary.

Any appointments that do not take place are times someone else would have loved to attend and have their photoshoot so please be mindful of them and help us offer them an excellent service.

4. Will my photographs be photoshopped?

We don’t alter every image we take using photo editing software, but we do make alterations to photos such as the contrast or visual effects, or to remove spots and blemishes. Our style is more natural rather than heavily photoshopped imagery, but it does depend on the type of photoshoot.

We also occasionally use photo editing software to merge two photographs together, for instance in a family shot where everyone except one person is looking at the camera, we can use tools to digitally replace them using a different shot of that person where they are looking at the camera. You won’t even notice! But this advanced editing does take more time and attention, so we charge for this service.

5. How far in advance should I book my Photoshoot?

We get booked up quickly, particularly in the busy summer months or around special dates in the calendar such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, so our advice is to always book as far in advance as possible. You can always give us a call to discuss any dates you were thinking of, however near or far in the future, and we occasionally have last minute cancellations so we may be able to fit you in sooner than you think. It is better to book a date in the diary now, rather than miss out later. We’ll always be flexible and try to accommodate any changes in dates and times so long as we have 72-hours’ notice.

6. Can I bring my Pets?

Yes of course! We love our furry clients… or sometimes even scaly clients.

7. What happens if I don’t like the photos?

We strive to give you the best experience possible and we’re confident you will love the photographs, however, in the unlikely event that you don’t like the photos we can re-shoot free of charge. You are also under no obligation to buy any photographs or products from us

8. How long after the photoshoot can I view the images? How long until I get my order?

Typically, our turnaround time to view images after a photoshoot is 5-7 days. Once your images are ready, we’ll invite you to a personalised cinematic style viewing session, where you can take your time looking through your photographs. You’re free to choose whatever photographs and products suit you, your home and your style – there’s no hard sell. We hope our artwork simply blows you away, so you’re left with no choice other than to invest. Once you place an order and pay then delivery is usually 4-6 weeks but is often sooner. It all depends on the number of orders ahead of you in the queue. 

9. Is there parking at the studio?

We have an abundance of FREE parking on-site at our studio at Willows Activity Farm. It’s one of the country’s premier children’s farm attractions and we share their huge car park. Simply follow directions to Willows Activity Farm on Coursers Road (AL4 0PF) and you’ll find Photographic Synergy based next to Willows Farm Day Nursery with a car park directly outside our front door.

10. Can I bring a change of Clothes?

Yes, we usually advise one or two changes of clothes so that not too much time is taken up with getting changed. We have a changing room that opens straight up into the studio for your convenience. And note our studio is air conditioned so we’ll always get it at the right temperature for you, whether you wear shorts and football tops, karate kits, ballet costumes, smart casual or go fully dressed up.

11. I have a disability; can I still have a photoshoot?

Yes of course! Regardless of what your disability is, we can work with you to make sure you have a positive photoshoot experience and get the shots you want. Our studio has plenty of disabled parking available and is accessible to wheelchair users. Feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

12. Do I have to buy prints, frames, canvases, etc?

We would love you to invest in our artwork and take home a classic album or a beautiful framed print to hang proudly in your home, but we totally understand if, at the time, you can’t make the investment. We’ll never pressure you to make any purchases. If you’re looking for digital images, we provide them in colour and black and white, as well as in high and low resolution format via Dropbox or USB drive. We have various packages which mean the more you purchase the cheaper they become.

Got a question we haven’t answered in here in our Frequently Asked Questions? Drop us a line! Call our friendly team on 01727 809 140, or email us via and we’ll give you the answer!


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