Introducing Project Haraar

Introducing Project Haraar

We’d like to introduce you to Project Harar, an incredible charity based in Ethiopia providing life changing treatment for adults and children with cleft lip, palate and complex facial disfigurements. We’ve been supporting Project Harar by volunteering our photography and fundraising for over 7 years.

It’s about time we shared their amazing work with you – hopefully you’ll be inspired to join us on our eco-mission to raise even more funds for their fantastic cause.

Do you use Tassimo coffee capsules and shop at Sainsburys? If so, it’s as easy as saving up your used capsules, popping them in a bag and taking them with you to your weekly shop at Sainsburys, London Colney. In partnership with Sainsburys, we have designated drop off points located at the end of the tills – provided by Terracycle, your capsules will be recycled, negating the journey to landfill and in turn, we receive funds for doing so which are donated to Project Harar.

We’re working on rolling this initiative out nationwide and rather fittingly, did you know Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee? A 9th-century Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi allegedly observed his goats behaving erratically after eating the red berries from a nearby Coffee arabica tree.

Matt Fisher celebrating raising £4000 with Sainsbury’s, London Colney

In just 5 years we have raised over £4,000 and in our 6th year we are currently up to £7,000 and counting. You can also donate via all of your Amazon purchases on Amazon Smile or direct on their website.

With thanks to our partnership with Vital Baby we’ve also delivered soft teats to little babies who have been struggling to suckle in their first few months of their new life.

See more of Project Harar’s vital work in our two videos below:

In April & May, we’ll be donating £25 of every order made to Project Harar, so join us on our mission to save the planet from these harmful plastics and in turn donate to a truly wonderful cause. 

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