What is our Little Ones Photography?

What is our Little Ones Photography?

What is our Little Ones photography? When kiddies are no longer newborn (<14 days) but also not old enough to be borrowing your car then we call them ‘little ones‘. This time in your little ones life and development, is very special. Their development move from one stage to the next with lightning speed. One day they are slugging about on the floor, the next the 1st smile happens. Pushing themselves up to sitting up unaided – albeit, a bit like a self righting toy. Starting to read and write on their own. So much happens at this stage.

We take the utmost care to capture this stage of their wee lives with a delicate eye.

Capturing all those little micro expressions that are so often missed. The slightly raised one eyebrow. The confused smile as they are looking at those funny things on the ends of their hands. Our Little Ones Photography sessions are held at our studio on the Willows Activity Farm site, the sessions are 1 hour long. This might seem like a long time for your little one. We take our time and do not rush the session. Doing this allows us to capture the best variety of portrait of your little cherub.

Let us entertain you kids

Come to the studio, put your feet up and re-fuel with a much-needed coffee and let our experienced photographers do all the hard work entertaining your little one, whilst capturing all that motion, emotion, energy and vibrancy for you to focus on when the sleep deprivation finally settles!

Book your own little ones photoshoot

Call our studio on 01727 809 140 or book online via this link. We look forward to seeing you and your little one’s in our studio.


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