Your photo session is an investment and a special event. It’s not just an appointment booked to take a couple of photos, but a day when you will create vivid memories for you and your family to look back at in years to come. Making sure that everyone is happy and relaxed allows the unique personalities of your family to shine through so that your portraits capture the magic between you.

We hope this Guide will help you through all the major steps to get well prepared to your session, so that you can enjoy your experience at Photographic Synergy, and create some truly special photos for your family.


Your photographs will be unique to you, reflecting your personality, moods & connection, and your clothing is one of the things that helps expressing it all to capture in photographs. Try to coordinate colours as much as possible, and avoid anything too patterned or any large logos. If one person is wearing something exceptionally bold it can be distracting, or throw off the balance of the finished photograph. Given that these photographs will live in your family album and adorn the walls of your house, you may also want to give some thought to whether the clothing choice is timeless and if the colour of the clothing would work well in your home, generally speaking the simpler the better.

However these are only rough suggestions, and depending on your personality and preferences you may wish to choose something more expressive giving a better statement to your family’s character.


If you are getting ready for a maternity session then rest assured we will have a variety of beautiful maternity dresses prepared for your arrival at our St Albans studio. The only thing we ask is to make sure you have two sets of underwear with you. One set in nude shades and strapless bra, and one in black. This way we will be able to match the dresses perfectly creating a perfectly balanced composition. And if you’ve already prepared something special for your maternity session, please bring it along! It will make for a wonderful keepsake adding a personal touch to your gallery.


We have to say newborn outfits and accessories are our absolute favourite to collect and after several years of photographing newborn babies, we now have an impressive stash of props! So when preparing to your newborn session, please don’t stress too much, we will discuss all the details regarding your preferred colour palette and we will work around your baby’s needs, choosing poses and props comfortable for our little model, to create some truly stunning compositions!


When preparing to a family session we always recommend to bring at least one extra outfit for each family member. Having an extra outfit at hand means we can be so much more creative with the number of set ups and capture some truly special photographs for your family.

We have a changing room that opens straight up into the studio for your convenience. And note our studio is air conditioned so we’ll always get it at the right temperature for you, whether you wear shorts and football tops, karate kits, ballet costumes, smart casual or go fully dressed up.

Your family photos will stay with you for many years to come. Some will be displayed on your walls and some will create pages of your family album. Don’t rush with your decisions and give yourself plenty of time to plan the colour palette of your gallery.

Morning of the Shoot

Before heading to the studio, make sure everyone is well-rested and fed to avoid crankiness (this goes for adult members as well as the littles!) 

If you’re getting a haircut or any beauty treatments before your shoot, it’s best to do those at least a few days before your scheduled portrait session to make sure you’ve got to grips with styling the new cut and that your skin isn’t blotchy from a facial. 

If you choose to wear makeup, it’s often best to go with a pretty natural look. The camera will enhance the contrasts on your face, so avoid anything too heavy. And if you’re not used to it now is not the time to go experimental with makeup as you want to feel and look like you. Remember that small blemishes can be easily edited out with Photoshop, so don’t stress too much if you have a rogue pimple or two, or the kids have a bruise from the latest playground fall.

Make sure you arrive at the studio on time or even a little bit early so that no one feels rushed since this doesn’t lend itself well to natural, relaxed photos. To make sure you’re not in a rush, give yourselves some extra prep time before heading out.

How to Prepare the Kids

With young kids, the key to a good family photo session is getting them excited for it. Kids usually prefer knowing what lies ahead, so best not to surprise them with the studio visit as you’ll want to avoid any tantrums when you arrive at the studio. Tell them about the photography session well in advance and remember that an excited, enthusiastic attitude is often contagious!

It’s important kids feel relaxed and not under pressure to perform when they’re in the studio. Being able to be a little silly means their real personalities shine through in the resulting shots and they’ll be something you’ll all love to look back on in the future.

Packing some yummy snacks and drinks is also a good idea. Favourite treats also make for excellent bribes and rewards to get them to stay in zone for just a wee bit longer. Avoid anything messy like chocolate that could end up down their shirts or smudged all over their little faces. For adults, we’re always happy to provide copious amounts of tea and coffee to help chill it all down.

Finally, planning something fun for after the shoot, like a visit to Willows Activity Farm next door or to get some ice cream gives the kids something fun to look forward to the entire day so that they don’t look at the photo session as an annoying chore or something to be nervous about. In fact it becomes part of the perfect family day out.

For further details, please do get in touch! We are always happy to help!

It’s a girl! After years of heartbreak and loss, Greg and Josie welcomed their beautiful rainbow baby girl in March 2022.

Welcoming any baby into the world brings promise and hope, but rainbow babies have a particular poignancy for new parents and families. The joy and excitement can be viciously turned into the exact opposite for some families when they get hit by the heart-breaking news of miscarriage, stillbirth or an early loss of the bundle of joy they so passionately awaited.

In March this year a ray of sunshine shone over Photographic Synergy as our very own Studio Manager Greg along with his wife Josie, welcomed into the world their beautiful rainbow baby – Emily Hope Cusick.

Like so many couples, their journey to become parents hasn’t been an easy one. Over the past few years, Greg and Josie have suffered excruciating heartbreak and loss. When Josie first fell pregnant in 2000, it was identified at a 20-week scan that their precious little boy had a serious heart defect and was diagnosed with a rare condition called Kabuki syndrome. Utterly devastated, Greg and Josie sadly lost him.

More heartbreak followed when a second pregnancy also ended in sadness when Josie miscarried.  So, when the couple were blessed with a third pregnancy last year, it was such an incredible moment. A pregnancy which was understandably fraught with conflicting emotions, and even more so during a global pandemic!

Having taken beautiful images of babies for lots of families over the years and having seen the joy on the faces of parents, Greg knew first-hand how important it is to celebrate the birth of a long-awaited baby after the crippling loss, it was only natural that Josie and bump were photographed every step of the way.

A maternity (or baby bump) shoot is a fantastic way of recording your pregnancy journey, and we often get couples coming back once the little one has arrived for a ‘before and after’ style shoot. We take special attention in perfecting your maternity photos for you to cherish this precious memory of the days when you held your little miracle so close to your heart.

So on the 26th March 2022, a rather frantic call into the Studio sent Greg into a panic (who was in the middle of a viewing at the time) – Josie was in labour!!! The wait was finally over, their precious baby girl was on the way, and a week early!  Emily Hope Cusick arrived safely into the world weighing a healthy 6lbs 7oz. Her name given to symbolise ‘hope’ that a rainbow baby brings after the storm has passed. 

A rainbow baby doesn’t mean your loss should be forgotten. It is actually quite the opposite – your rainbow baby will carry the torch of the love you will always have for the child or children you lost. The team at Photographic Synergy are absolutely thrilled for Greg and Josie, and Emily has already made an appearance in the studio – check out these adorable Easter bunny shots.

If you’re expecting If you want to find out more about our maternity photography to capture those magical 9 months, please give us a call on 01727 809 140 and we’d be happy to chat. Alternatively, you can book a maternity shoot online at


Rainbow babies are those born to couples who have experienced a previous loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

It is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravage of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean that the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds.

‘Rainbow babies’…a ray of light after the storm! 

Rocking a Christmas Family Photoshoot!

There is no better time than Christmas for an excuse to get the family together for festive fun at Photographic Synergy. A Christmas photoshoot is the best way to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, then turn your family pictures into Christmas cards and cherished mementos.

Christmas Photoshoot
Christmas Photoshoot
Christmas Photoshoot - Family

Christmas Pajamas, hats and jumpers can work particularly well, especially when you use matching clothing throughout the family. See our Christmas photoshoot Pinterest board for inspiration, or book your Christmas Family Shoot here.

Cute Children’s Christmas Photoshoot

With our professional photographers we promise you will not be able to resist the adorable smiling kids pictures we can capture this festive season. Whether it is sharing them on social media or giving them to grand parents for Christmas gifts we’re confident they’ll blow you away.
Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

We find that distracting the kids with some fun activities can create some stunning photos for your family album. Pillow fights in pajamas or blowing a little fake snow can work wonders, while some strategically placed fairy lights in the background create the atmosphere.

Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

Adorable Baby Christmas Photoshoots

Getting your baby all dressed up for Christmas is something you’re always remember. Props could include Christmas books, toys or strings of Christmas lights can also be a bright idea! You could experiment with your infant popping out of a Christmas wrapped gift box. If you have a newborn then getting them all wrapped up in a cozy Christmas coloured wool blanket makes for some lovely photographs. 

Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy
Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy
Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

Maternity Merriness

Go all out with a silhouette by the Christmas tree. Think about mistletoe, or a festive bow around your belly with symbols of love or gift tags with your due date for unwrapping!

Christmas Photoshoot - Maternity
Melissa Ritz | Pinterest
Christmas Photoshoot - Maternity | Maternity Photography | Maternity Photoshoot | Photographic Synergy | Photo Studio Hertfordshire St Albans AL4 | Karla Woods
Christmas Photoshoot - Maternity

Newborn Noel Photoshoots

Consider wrapping your newborn in a cute little winter hat, or within a Christmas wreath. An outfit with red, white or green colours is a great way to celebrate the festive season. Alternatively, be subtle and use a little spruce or a bauble to suggest Christmas time.

Christmas Photoshoot - Newborn
Christmas Photoshoot - Newborn | Newborn Photography
Christmas Photoshoot - Newborn

Christmas Comedy

Why not go all about and bring along some Christmas string lights to wrap around people. Or, for a play on words use some masking tape over your little cherubs mouths with the words “silent night”. Try wearing costumes like the Grinch or other Christmas characters. Cheesy pajamas or “ugly” sweaters never fail to create some festive fun.

Christmas Photoshoot
All Taped Up | Highlite Photography
Christmas Photoshoot

Romantic Couples Christmas Photoshoot

A kiss under the mistletoe is always a winner, while another idea that works well is holding up two candy canes in front of the camera to make a shape of a heart. You can also try Christmas socks to suggest the action of a romantic kiss, rather than capturing the whole frame. Then sometimes simply cuddled up in front of the camera with Christmas pajamas and hot chocolate can work just as well!

Christmas Photoshoot
Christmas Photoshoot
Marcela salcedo | Pinterest

Christmas Pooch Photoshoot

Why not bring your family pet along to a Christmas photoshoot or let them stand out in their very own Christmas themed shoot. Festive themed dog collars, hats, antlers, toys and bows all work well. 

Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

Christmas Photoshoot Review

Above all the most important items to bring along to your Christmas photoshoot are festive props.  Think Christmas pajamas, festive jumpers, socks, ties, hats and winter gloves, scarves or mitts! Accessories could include Christmas coloured rugs or towels, Christmas story books, Christmas mugs or even string Christmas lights. Think about Christmas bows, candy and gift wrapped boxes to include in your shoot. 


This blog post includes imagery from Photographic Synergy as well as from other widely and readily available sources across the internet and within the public domain. Permission has been sought from owners, where possible. We only use images where no commercial or other license is applicable, and provide sources in case any creative common license may be applicable. Our intention with this blog post is to provide inspiration only, the company has no intention to infringe upon any image copyright. If you feel an image has been used without permission, please contact us and we will remove it immediately. 

Bring your fur babies to the studio for a pet photoshoot!

We’ve thrown the old advice of never working with children and animals out of the window because we do both. Whether your fur family is a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig…or even fur-less (Sphynx cat and reptile lovers we’re looking at you) we love to meet all kinds of creatures in our studio, and everyone is welcome! Except, we must admit as much as we love all animals, we can’t accept them all for a pet photoshoot, a horse just won’t fit in our studio…sorry folks!

Pets are as much a member of the family as anyone else as far as we’re concerned. They might drive us bonkers sometimes, but we love them unconditionally. They know how to give us those puppy dog eyes, or curl up on our laps like little angels having caused chaos 10 minutes earlier…yep, we’re suckers for our four-legged friends!

Our pet photoshoot environment is relaxed and friendly, and our photographer’s love animals so if your pet is a bit nervous in new environments, we aim to quickly put them at ease, and of course we’ll have treats on hand to calm any nerves! Don’t worry if you have an incredibly energetic pooch, or a curious cat, we’re used to animals running wild in the studio and having a good sniff around to suss the place out, and of course they’ll want to get to know who is taking their snapshot and make sure we get their best angles. 

We often get people say “Our pet would never sit still for a pet photoshoot”, but we have some tricks up our sleeve and, failing that, our hi-tech photographic equipment and highly experienced photographers will make sure we get some fantastic crisp and clear of your pet in motion – in fact, these are often the shots people love most as they capture their faithful friend’s true character. We also encourage you to bring any favourite toys or treats to make your furry friend feel at home – it’s important to us that your loved ones enjoy their pet photoshoot experience! 

We know how important it is for people to have beautifully captured photographs of their loved ones, whether human or otherwise, and we take huge pride in giving people the gift of photographic keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Let us capture your pet’s unique personality with a pet photoshoot at our state-of-the-art photography studio in St Albans, Hertfordshire. 

Call us 01727 809 140 to book your pet photoshoot or book online. Alternatively, you might like our pet photoshoot experience gift vouchers as a beautiful gift for your special furry friend or the pet lover in your life!

Introducing Cake Smash: A baby photoshoot with a difference

Do you love watching your little one have lots of messy fun, but dread the mammoth clean-up afterwards? Well, our cake smash photoshoots might be the answer to your messy prayers and they’re a great way to mark a special occasion!

What’s included in a cake smash photoshoot?

When you book one of our cake smash photoshoots, you’ll get an hour-long photoshoot in our state-of-the-art studio next to Willows Activity Farm in St Albans, Hertfordshire. We’ll provide a yummy and beautifully decorated cake for your little one to smash AND we’ll take care of the clean up afterwards – you don’t have to lift a finger! Plus, you’ll get an hour long personalised cinematic viewing where you get to see the results of the photoshoot in one of our luxurious viewing rooms.

Why would I book a cake smash photoshoot?

We have lots of parents’ book cake smash photoshoots for birthday celebrations or special occasions, or to use as party invitations for their children’s special celebrations. They’re a great way to celebrate important milestones and capture the fun and playful side of your little one, giving you mementos you can treasure forever. We have a range of backdrops, props and toys to create beautiful scenes for your little one’s photoshoot.

Won’t my baby be a sticky mess at the end?

Yes! That’s the idea and it’s hilarious watching them get stuck in, either using their hands or a wooden spoon, or just diving right in. Not only is it great fun (for us and them!) a cake smash photoshoot is also a brilliant sensory experience and sometimes it can be a rare opportunity for truly messy play. Don’t worry though, we provide a nice warm bath for your little one to get cleaned up after they’ve had their fill of cake – this can also make for some beautiful photographs to capture you all together as they splash around.

Should I worry about giving my baby an entire cake to eat?

Don’t worry, we find most of the cake doesn’t get eaten – it’s really just intended for play. Often kids will try a little, but are more interested in getting their hands in it and yes, even their feet sometimes too…I mean it is called a cake smash after-all! There’s usually far too much laughter and silliness for any serious cake eating…and our photographers are certainly hungry afterwards!

Call us 01727 809 140 to book your cake smash photoshoot or book online. Alternatively, you might like our cake smash photoshoot experience gift vouchers as a beautiful gift for a loved one. 

We often get queries from clients about what to wear for a photoshoot, and we know it can be stressful for some people to know what to wear to look their best so we hope this blog can lend a hand in helping you to prepare for your shoot and avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot.

What to wear to a Family Photoshoot

Some of our clients want to know what to wear to a Family Photoshoot and our first answer is always: plan ahead. Although this would be our go-to advice for all our clients, this is particularly useful for family photoshoots as there can be lots of people involved, particularly in multi-generational photoshoots. You don’t want to be rushing around trying to figure out what each family member should wear on the day of the shoot, so discuss it with your family ahead of time and decide on an outfit choice for each person to avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot.

What to wear to a Newborn Photoshoot

We’ve also had clients wanting to know what to wear to Newborn Photoshootsand we know it might be tricky trying to choose just one outfit for your little one so we’re always happy for parents to bring a couple of outfit changes to get a variety of different shots. Your precious newborn will look beautiful no matter what they’re wearing, so it’s personal choice as to whether you want to dress them up, or have them in a simple onesie or baby grow. 

Coordinate Colours

As a rule of thumb, our advice is to try to coordinate colours as much as possible, and avoid anything too patterned or any large logos. Coordinating outfit choices is particularly important for group shots, as if one person is wearing something exceptionally bold it can be distracting, or throw off the balance of the finished photograph. Given that these photographs will live in your family album and adorn the walls of your house, you may also want to give some thought to whether the clothing choice is timeless and if the colour of the clothing would work well in your home, generally speaking the simpler the better.

Wear what feels comfortable

Truly though, for any photoshoot, it’s whatever you feel comfortable in and whatever suits the style of photograph you wish to have. If that means getting your glad rags and high heels on, then you’re free to do so, but if you’d rather be in jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt that’s great too! 

Make it your own and personal

The point of any photoshoot is that it’s yours. These are photos you will keep and cherish forever so you should have a say in the clothes you wear and how you want to look. The more comfortable and confident you feel, the better the photos will be. If you have hobbies then don’t hesitate to bring along outfits and props to make the shoot more personal to you! This is our advice to help you avoid a fashion faux pas on your photoshoot.

Call 01727 809 140 to book now or click here to book online.

Thinking of having a family photoshoot? Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Book a Photohoot that we think make capturing those special moments mean more than buying the latest gadget or fashion item…

1. Photoshoots force you to spend time together

Yes, we know this sounds silly but we can all be guilty of not spending enough quality time with our loved ones. Life can be busy and hectic and sometimes we need an excuse to pause and reflect. A family photoshoot is a great opportunity to switch your phone off, get the kids away from their screens and gadgets, and get everyone together for the day without any distractions to create special moments with the people you love. Plus, you’ll have memories you can take home with you, literally! Spending time together is one of out Top 5 Reasons to Book a Photoshoot.

2. Photoshoots can capture a moment in time, before it’s too late

Sometimes we’re reminded of how fragile life can be and how precious our time together truly is. From time to time we get requests for photoshoots from people who have a family member who doesn’t have long to live. It’s always a heart-breaking thing to hear, but we know those people are reaching out because they don’t want to miss their last chance to bring the whole family together and create a precious keepsake.

3. Photoshoots are fun!

You only have to read some of our reviews to find out how much people who come to us enjoy their photoshoot experience. We have a friendly team who genuinely love what they do and we think that comes across to our clients, and helps them to relax and enjoy the process. Whether you’ve got a teenager who wants to feel like supermodel for the day on one of our All Grown Up photoshoots, or you want some memories of you and your furry friend with a Pet Portrait photoshoot, or you want your little one to experience the mess and laughter of our Cake Smash photoshoots, we like to think you’ll have a good time with us!

4. A photoshoot makes a great gift

We all know the struggle of finding the perfect present for a friend or relative, but what could be better than gifting an experience? Our photoshoot experience gift vouchers let you give the gift of lasting memories, instead of the usual physical gifts that sometimes go unloved and don’t hold as much meaning. Our Photoshoot Experience’s Gift Vouchers are one of our Top 5 Reasons for Booking a Photoshoot.

5. A photoshoot can help you decorate your home.

We’ve all been there, looking through hundreds of photographs to find just one decent picture of you and your partner, or your family, or best friends, that you can display in your home. We love being able to give people photographs that they can proudly display in their home of the people they love, or cherished memories. Whether it’s a large canvas, or prints for a picture wall, or just a beautifully framed memory, we can’t think of anything that brings a home to life more than filling it with the people you care about.

If we’ve convinced you with our Top 5 Reasons to Book a Photohoot and you’re ready to book a family photoshoot with Photographic Synergy then visit our website, or if you’d like to chat to us further give our friendly team a call on 01727 809 140.

Pregnancy is such a special time and those 9 months can fly by so quickly. We know how important it is for many women to have more than just the memory of being pregnant, with baby bump castes and maternity photography to capture those magical 9 months is becoming increasingly popular these days.

For those of you that do want to capture those special 9 months with a commemorative photograph, a maternity shoot is a fantastic way of recording your pregnancy journey. We work with our mothers-to-be to come up with maternity photoshoot ideas that make them feel comfortable, and capture the beauty of their bump. Photographic Synergy know it can be a very personal experience, and our photographers are here to make sure you get the results you want, in a calm and relaxing setting. 

When to have your Maternity Photoshoot

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to a pregnancy photoshoot and the best time to come is when you feel it’s right for you, but as a guide, to get the best photos we normally recommend around 30 weeks, as by this time you will usually have a lovely round bump, but you (hopefully!) won’t be feeling too weighed down and uncomfortable.

We have sometimes heard women being put off by seeing lots of women who look completely naked for their pregnancy photoshoots, and although we’re happy to work with you if this is what you’d like (we have clever ways to make sure you’re never completely exposed!), we also understand that not everyone wants to bear quite as much skin, and we have plenty of women who keep their bump covered at all times during the shoot, with just as beautiful results. It really is a personal choice as to how you want to show off your bump and your body and we will always take guidance and direction from you on this.

A Maternity Photoshoot with your Partner

We also offer baby bump photo shoot with partner in tow, which always makes for a great first family portrait, and we often get couples coming back once the little one has arrived for a ‘before and after’ style shoot. Alternatively, you can bring the whole family along and involve them in the family photoshoot too. We love to see your little ones captured bonding with their soon-to-be sibling. A truly magical moment!

If you want to find out more about our maternity photography to capture those magical 9 months, please give us a call on 01727 809 140 and we’d be happy to chat through. And why not take inspiration from our Pinterest Maternity board.

It’s time to say Thank You Mum!

It’s Mothers Day next month, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to celebrate the mother figure in your life. We thought we’d put together our top 5 tips for how best to say “Thank You Mum” this Mothers Day!

Breakfast in Bed

What better way for your mum to wake up to on Mothers Day than a home-made breakfast in bed? You know her best, so whether she’d prefer a full English, or pancakes with all the toppings, she’ll appreciate the effort you’ve gone to!

Makeover Photoshoot Experience Gift Vouchers

If you’re looking for a lovely unique gift for Mothers Day, our makeover photoshoot experience gift vouchers are a real treat! They include an hour-long makeover including makeup and dry hair styling from a professional hair and makeup artist so she’ll be really pampered, followed by an hour-long photo session (with up to three outfit changes), plus an hour-long cinematic style viewing and £195 credit towards products of her choice.

A Spring Walk for Mothers Day

Spring will hopefully have sprung by the time Mothers Day comes around, so make the most of it and take Mum out for a relaxing stroll in the countryside. We’re blessed to have plenty of beautiful parks and country walking spots in and around Hertfordshire, and there’s nothing better than spending quality time together.

Family Photoshoot

If your mum prefers not to be the centre of attention, our family photoshoots make a great gift. Not only is it a great opportunity to get the whole family together, following the shoot your mum can choose her own keepsakes from the shoot to treasure forever. It’s a gift that lasts and lasts! Reserve your photoshoot online now or give us a call on 01727 809 140.

Sunday Lunch

As Mothers Day falls on a Sunday, it’s a great excuse to take her out for a slap-up Sunday lunch. Why not get the whole family involved? Whether it’s a fancy restaurant, a cosy country pub or a cute little café or bistro, a meal out means she can relax and enjoy the day, plus there’s no washing up for you at the end!

Book a photoshoot online now or give us a call on 01727 809 140. Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Don’t forget Mothers Day is on Sunday 22 March 2020!

Love is in the air at Photographic Studio!

Valentines Day is less than a month away, so why not celebrate your love with a couple’s photoshoot in our state-of-the-art studio? Give us a call on 01727 809 140 to book your photoshoot now.

Alternatively, give the gift of a unique photoshoot experience this Valentines Day! Whether you would like an intimate couple’s photoshoot, or to make it a family affair and bring the whole clan along to the studio, our photoshoot experience gift vouchers make a wonderful gift for your other half.

Another option could be to surprise your Valentine with framed prints. Perhaps you’d like to book your kids or pets in for a secret photoshoot so that you can then surprise your partner with beautiful framed prints from the shoot. We’ll help you arrange everything, just give us a call or drop us an email

We know this is a special day so we’ll help you celebrate in style. We’ll give you a warm welcome, drinks and a bespoke and personal photoshoot experience.

Don’t forget Valentines Day is just around the corner, so please book early to avoid disappointment!

Book a photoshoot online now or give us a call on 01727 809 140.

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