As the new year unfolds, what better way to commemorate the beginning of a fresh chapter in your family’s journey than with a professional photoshoot? In the age of smartphones and selfies, there’s something timeless and special about investing in high-quality family portraits that will be cherished for years to come. Whether it’s to update the walls of your home with beautiful memories or to create holiday cards that will bring smiles to your loved ones’ faces, a professional family photoshoot is a perfect way to capture the essence of your family’s love and connection.

Planning a professional family photoshoot may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach, it can be a fun and rewarding experience for the whole family. Here are some tips to ensure that your photoshoot goes smoothly and results in stunning images that you’ll treasure forever:

  1. Choose the right photographer: Take the time to research and find a photographer whose style resonates with you and matches the vision you have for your family photos. Look through their portfolio, read reviews, and communicate your expectations clearly to ensure that you’re on the same page.
  2. Select the perfect location: Consider locations that hold significance for your family or reflect the aesthetic you’re going for. Whether it’s a picturesque park, a cosy indoor studio, or the comfort of your own home, the right location can set the tone for your photoshoot and make the experience even more memorable.
  3. Coordinate outfits: Coordinating outfits can add a polished and cohesive look to your family photos. Choose a colour palette that complements each other and the chosen location, but avoid overly matching outfits. Instead, opt for complementary colours and textures that allow each family member’s personality to shine through.
  4. Plan ahead: Plan the logistics of the day in advance to minimise stress on the day of the shoot. Make sure everyone knows where and when to meet, have any props or accessories ready to go, and consider scheduling the shoot during a time when children are well-rested and likely to be in good spirits.
  5. Relax and have fun: The most memorable photos are often the ones where everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. Trust your photographer to capture genuine moments, and focus on connecting with your family rather than worrying about posing perfectly. Encourage laughter, hugs, and natural interactions to capture the true essence of your family dynamics.
  6. Review and preserve your photos: Once the photoshoot is over, take the time to review the images with your photographer and select your favourites for prints, albums, or digital files. Don’t let these precious memories sit forgotten on a hard drive – display them proudly in your home and share them with friends and family.

A professional family photoshoot is not just about capturing images; it’s about creating lasting memories and celebrating the love and connection that binds your family together. So why not start the new year with a beautiful reminder of the joy and togetherness that your family shares? Schedule your photoshoot today and let the magic unfold behind the lens.

Preparing your child for a professional photoshoot is essential to ensure that the experience goes smoothly and that you capture beautiful, natural-looking photos. Here are some steps to help you prepare your child:

1. Communicate and Set Expectations:

Depending on the age of your child, have a simple and age-appropriate conversation about the photoshoot. Explain that it will be a fun activity where they get to smile, pose, and possibly play with toys. Emphasise that there is no need to be nervous, and it’s okay to take breaks if they need to.

2. Choose the Right Time:

Schedule the photoshoot during a time when your child is usually well-rested and in a good mood. Avoid times when they are typically hungry or tired.

3. Clothing and Outfits:

Pick out the outfits your child will wear in advance. Ensure they are comfortable and fit well. If there’s a specific theme or colour scheme for the shoot, coordinate your child’s clothing accordingly.

4. Practice Poses:

If your child is old enough to understand, practice a few simple poses at home. Let them have fun with it, so they become comfortable with the idea of posing for photos.

5. Bring Comfort Items:

Bring any comfort items your child may need, such as a favourite toy, blanket, or pacifier. These can provide a sense of security during the photoshoot.

6. Snacks and Drinks:

Pack some light snacks and water to keep your child energised and hydrated during the shoot, especially if it’s a longer session.

7. Relaxation Techniques:

Teach your child some relaxation techniques, like taking deep breaths or counting to ten, to help them stay calm if they feel nervous.

8. Positive Reinforcement:

Offer positive reinforcement and praise throughout the photoshoot. Let your child know how great they’re doing, and offer small rewards if it’s appropriate.

9. Stay Calm and Patient:

Children can sense their parents’ emotions, so stay calm and patient throughout the process. Avoid getting frustrated if your child becomes uncooperative or fussy.

10. Trust the Photographer:

Encourage your child to trust the photographer and follow their directions. Explain that the photographer is there to make them look their best and to have fun.

11. Be Prepared for Breaks:

Understand that your child may need short breaks during the photoshoot. This is entirely normal and allows them to recharge.

12. Bring Backup:

Bring extra clothing, nappies, wipes, and anything else your child might need. You never know when accidents or spills might happen.

13. Review Safety Measures:

Please discuss any concerns you may with the photographer, such as any props or equipment that could be hazardous. We ensure our studio is a safe environment for all, but happy to put any worried minds at rest.

14. Be Flexible:

Be open to spontaneity and candid moments during the shoot. Some of the best photos are often unplanned.

Remember that the key to a successful child photoshoot is creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment. The more prepared and comfortable your child feels, the more likely you are to capture natural and beautiful images. If you have any concerns at all about an up and coming shoot, or you are thinking to book one, we’d be happy to chat!

As a professional photography studio, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing and capturing countless special moments in people’s lives. One such moment that holds immense significance is a maternity photoshoot with a growing family. In this blog post, we want to share our experience and perspective on a recent professional maternity photoshoot that left a lasting impression on us.

From the moment we met this wonderful family, we could sense the love and excitement. As we discussed their vision for the photoshoot, their enthusiasm was contagious. Their desire to document this precious chapter of their lives and create lasting memories was evident, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Building a connection

Establishing a rapport with the family was crucial to capturing authentic and emotive photographs. We took the time to get to know them, to understand their story, and to create an atmosphere where they could be themselves. This connection allowed them to relax, be comfortable in front of the camera, and let their love and joy shine through.

The magic unfolds

As we started shooting, we observed the tenderness between the expectant mother and her partner, the excitement and curiosity of the older child, and the undeniable bond that made this family truly special.

Capturing the moments

Our goal was to capture both the small, intimate moments and the sweeping expressions of love. From the gentle touches and warm embraces, to the laughter and playful interactions. We sought to freeze these fleeting moments in time. Each click of the shutter felt like a brushstroke, painting a picture of anticipation and joy.

Working with children

One of the highlights of this maternity photoshoot was the involvement of the older child. His vibrant energy and genuine excitement added an extra layer of charm to the photographs. From his wide-eyed wonder at his mother’s belly, to his playful interactions. His innocence and love for his unborn sibling was beautifully portrayed.

Preserving memories

As photographers, our mission is to capture emotions and tell stories through images. During this maternity photoshoot, we focused on capturing the essence of this family’s love, connection, and anticipation. We aimed to create photographs that would serve as timeless reminders of this special chapter in their lives, preserving these memories for generations to come.

A professional maternity photoshoot with a growing family is a remarkable experience for both the photographer and the family involved. Through a combination of building connections, capturing authentic moments, and preserving memories, we were able to create a series of photographs that tell the beautiful story of this family’s journey. It is moments like these that reminds us why we are passionate about our craft, and the power of photography to encapsulate the depth of human emotions.

If you would like enquire about a maternity photoshoot or any of our family shoots, please contact us on 01727 809140 or email on We’d be delighted to discuss the options with you.

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a momentous occasion filled with overwhelming joy and love. Those precious first few weeks are a whirlwind of emotions, making it crucial to capture those fleeting moments before they pass. A professional newborn photoshoot offers a unique opportunity to preserve the innocence, beauty, and tenderness of your little one’s earliest days. In this blog post, we will delve into the artistry and significance of a professional newborn photoshoot, revealing how it becomes a cherished memento for both parents and child.

Creating a Calm and Comfortable Environment

One of the key elements of a successful newborn photoshoot is providing a serene and soothing atmosphere for both the baby and the parents. At Photographic Synergy, we specialise in newborn photography and truly understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable space. From gentle lighting to warm temperatures, every detail is meticulously arranged to ensure the baby’s utmost comfort, allowing them to sleep peacefully and naturally during the session.

Newborn Gallery 31

Capturing the Essence of Innocence

Newborn photography is an art form that aims to encapsulate the purity and fragility of a baby’s early days. As professional photographers we skilfully capture the tiniest details—the delicate eyelashes, tiny fingers, and wrinkled feet—that make newborns so unique. Through expert posing and composition, we create timeless images that reflect the innocence and beauty of these precious beings.

Unveiling the Parent-Child Connection

A professional newborn photoshoot not only focuses on the baby but also celebrates the profound bond between parents and their newborn. We understand the importance of capturing those tender and intimate moments. We are able to immortalise the adoring gazes, gentle caresses, and loving embraces, creating images that forever freeze the profound connection between parent and child.

Artistry in Posing and Props

One of the distinguishing features of a professional newborn photoshoot is the artistry involved in posing and using props. Our team of expert photographers have a keen eye for creative compositions, utilising soft wraps, cozy blankets, and adorable props to enhance the overall aesthetic. These carefully selected elements add depth, texture, and charm to the photographs, transforming them into artistic treasures.

Patience and Timing

Newborns operate on their own schedules, and we are well-versed in working with their unique rhythms. As experienced photographers, we possess the patience and understanding required to wait for the perfect moments to capture the most endearing expressions and movements. Our ability to adapt to the needs of the baby ensures a stress-free experience for both the child and the parents, resulting in genuine and heartwarming photographs.

Preserving Memories for a Lifetime

The true value of a professional newborn photoshoot lies in the lasting memories it preserves. As time passes, memories fade, and little details are forgotten. But through the lens of a professional photographer, those precious moments are forever frozen in time. The resulting images become cherished keepsakes that parents can revisit as their child grows, reliving the early days and marvelling at how far their little one has come.

A Treasured Legacy

A professional newborn photoshoot not only creates beautiful images for the present but also leaves behind a treasured legacy for future generations. These photographs become part of your family’s history, passed down from parents to children, and serve as a tangible connection to their roots. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and gratitude, reminding everyone of the love and joy that surrounded the arrival of a precious new life.

A professional newborn photoshoot is a remarkable way to commemorate the arrival of your little one and cherish the early moments of their life. Through the expertise, artistry, and sensitivity of our photographers, these sessions become a celebration of the innocence, beauty, and profound connections that define the newborn experience. So, embrace the opportunity to create lasting memories and embark on a journey to preserve the preciousness of your newborn’s earliest days.


The festive season is almost upon us. Have you left your Christmas shopping until now? Don’t panic. We have the best last minute Christmas gift ideas. Our experience gift vouchers make a fantastic present, whether it’s gifts for her, for him, for both, presents for friends, family, a partner or even pets…we’ve got gifts galore!

Treat someone special this year to a professional studio photoshoot from as little as £50 (worth £195). Vouchers are valid from 9 months from the original purchase date so plenty of time for your loved ones to book their shoot with us at a time convenient to them. Take a look at some of the unique gifts we have on offer…

Maternity Photoshoot Experience 🎁

For the mums-to-be in your life, our maternity photoshoot experience gift vouchers is a great present and something they may not have considered getting for themselves. The included hour-long photoshoot will be a celebration of their beautiful bump and those special 9 months that can fly by so quickly.

Newborn Photoshoot Experience 🎁

Newborn Gallery 37

Our newborn photoshoot experience gift vouchers give the recipient a 4-hour long photoshoot with their new little bundle of joy. There’s no rushing and plenty of time for feeding, crying, and even snoozing. They will also receive £245 credit towards products of their choice so this is a great gift to capture those precious fleeting moments and give someone you love something they can treasure forever.

Family Photoshoot Experience 🎁

Why not treat a special family to a fun photoshoot where they get to spend some time together creating special memories to treasure. Our family photoshoot experience gift vouchers include an hour-long photoshoot, an hour-long cinematic viewing and £195 credit towards our products.

Cake Smash Photoshoot Experience 🎁

Cake Smash Gallery

Let’s just admit it – we’ve all wanted to face plant into a delicious, sweet and frosting-loaded cake. The beauty of being a baby is that you can totally get away with it and our cake smash photoshoot experience gift vouchers offer just that and includes an hour-long photoshoot, an hour-long cinematic viewing and £195 credit towards our products.

Watch Me Grow Photoshoot Experience 🎁

Our watch me grow photoshoot experience gift vouchers offers something a little extra special if you’re looking for a luxury gift, and includes not 1, but 3 separate hour-long photoshoot sessions! We aim to capture 3 milestones, usually including a shoot at bump or 0-6 months, 6-12 months and then 12-18 months. This is an amazing way to capture picture perfect memories along every step of the way and would make a truly extra-special present for someone you love.

Children’s Photoshoot Experience 🎁

Christmas Photoshoot - Children

It’s not just little ones who get to have all the fun in the studio! Any youngsters aged 2-18yrs can experience the real deal right here in our studio. We think this experience could be a great option if you’re looking for gifts for dad or presents for mum. An hour-long photo session, an hour-long cinematic style viewing and £195 credit towards our products is included in the experience gift vouchers.

Pet Photoshoot Experience 🎁

Christmas Photoshoot

Pets deserve presents too right?! Or maybe you know someone who would love to have photographs of their pet that they can cherish for a lifetime. Whether their beloved pet is a cat, dog, bunny rabbit or even a reptile family member, our pet photoshoot experience gift vouchers will capture the special bond they and their pets share. With £195 credit towards our products, as well as the photoshoot experience itself, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

With all those wonderful present ideas, surely there’s something for everyone you know, whether it’s Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding presents, birthday gifts, or any other occasion, we’ve got you covered!

Firstly, Congratulations! This is a time to celebrate! Pregnancy is an incredibly unique (and quite short) moment in a family’s life. You’re preparing for a precious life to enter the world and you might only be really ‘looking pregnant’ for 3 or 4 months. Your baby will be here before you know it, and as soon as your baby is born, you’ll likely forget a lot about your pregnancy. Right now, you’re forming a special bond with your baby. Even if it’s not your last baby, you will never have this exact moment again.

You’ve probably already been on a journey to get to this point. Perhaps you have just had your 12-week scan or maybe you are counting the weeks as you enter your third trimester? Maybe you are full of hope, excitement and anticipation? Or perhaps sitting with feelings of anxiety, fear or cautious optimism? However, you arrive here, welcome, we are so glad you are considering capturing your pregnancy.

Thinking about a maternity photoshoot?

Photography is considered by most people an essential part of a wedding day, making sure you have all the memories captured and don’t forget any part of it. It’s a wonderful time filled with love and family, and it is a huge moment in a couples life. It isn’t any different for pregnancy!

Depending on how you feel at this stage of your pregnancy journey, you may be unsure about whether you want to invest your time and money into professional maternity photos. If you’re not sure about whether to do it, all we can say is don’t do it if your heart isn’t in it. But if a part of you wants it, then know that if you go to the effort of having a session like this, you will have this moment captured forever. And you will hopefully love them forever; your children will also see and hopefully love them when they are older too.

Your journey to parenthood could have been easy and unproblematic, beautifully unexpected or a rollercoaster through endless doctor appointments and tears of joy! Every journey is special and your maternity photo session will tell your own unique parenthood story.

When to have your Maternity Photoshoot

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to a pregnancy photoshoot. The best time to come is when you feel it’s right for you, but as a guide, to get the best photos we normally recommend around 30 weeks. By this time you will usually have a lovely round bump, but you (hopefully!) won’t be feeling too weighed down and uncomfortable.

We have sometimes heard women being put off by seeing lots of women who look completely naked for their pregnancy photoshoots, and although we are happy to work with you if this is what you’d like (we have clever ways to make sure you’re never completely exposed!), we also understand that not everyone wants to bear quite as much skin. We have plenty of women who keep their bump covered at all times during the shoot, with just as beautiful results. It really is a personal choice as to how you want to show off your bump and your body, and we will always take guidance and direction from you on this.

A Maternity Photoshoot with your Partner

We also offer baby bump photo shoot with partner in tow, which always makes for a great first family portrait, and we often get couples coming back once the little one has arrived for a ‘before and after’ style shoot. Alternatively, you can bring the whole family along and involve them in the family photoshoot too. We love to see your little ones captured bonding with their soon-to-be sibling. A truly magical moment!

If you want to find out more about our maternity photography, please give us a call on 01727 809 140 and we’d be happy to chat through.

Your photo session is an investment and a special event. It’s not just an appointment booked to take a couple of photos, but a day when you will create vivid memories for you and your family to look back at in years to come. Making sure that everyone is happy and relaxed allows the unique personalities of your family to shine through so that your portraits capture the magic between you.

We hope this Guide will help you through all the major steps to get well prepared to your session, so that you can enjoy your experience at Photographic Synergy, and create some truly special photos for your family.


Your photographs will be unique to you, reflecting your personality, moods & connection, and your clothing is one of the things that helps expressing it all to capture in photographs. Try to coordinate colours as much as possible, and avoid anything too patterned or any large logos. If one person is wearing something exceptionally bold it can be distracting, or throw off the balance of the finished photograph. Given that these photographs will live in your family album and adorn the walls of your house, you may also want to give some thought to whether the clothing choice is timeless and if the colour of the clothing would work well in your home, generally speaking the simpler the better.

However these are only rough suggestions, and depending on your personality and preferences you may wish to choose something more expressive giving a better statement to your family’s character.


If you are getting ready for a maternity session then rest assured we will have a variety of beautiful maternity dresses prepared for your arrival at our St Albans studio. The only thing we ask is to make sure you have two sets of underwear with you. One set in nude shades and strapless bra, and one in black. This way we will be able to match the dresses perfectly creating a perfectly balanced composition. And if you’ve already prepared something special for your maternity session, please bring it along! It will make for a wonderful keepsake adding a personal touch to your gallery.


We have to say newborn outfits and accessories are our absolute favourite to collect and after several years of photographing newborn babies, we now have an impressive stash of props! So when preparing to your newborn session, please don’t stress too much, we will discuss all the details regarding your preferred colour palette and we will work around your baby’s needs, choosing poses and props comfortable for our little model, to create some truly stunning compositions!


When preparing to a family session we always recommend to bring at least one extra outfit for each family member. Having an extra outfit at hand means we can be so much more creative with the number of set ups and capture some truly special photographs for your family.

We have a changing room that opens straight up into the studio for your convenience. And note our studio is air conditioned so we’ll always get it at the right temperature for you, whether you wear shorts and football tops, karate kits, ballet costumes, smart casual or go fully dressed up.

Your family photos will stay with you for many years to come. Some will be displayed on your walls and some will create pages of your family album. Don’t rush with your decisions and give yourself plenty of time to plan the colour palette of your gallery.

Morning of the Shoot

Before heading to the studio, make sure everyone is well-rested and fed to avoid crankiness (this goes for adult members as well as the littles!) 

If you’re getting a haircut or any beauty treatments before your shoot, it’s best to do those at least a few days before your scheduled portrait session to make sure you’ve got to grips with styling the new cut and that your skin isn’t blotchy from a facial. 

If you choose to wear makeup, it’s often best to go with a pretty natural look. The camera will enhance the contrasts on your face, so avoid anything too heavy. And if you’re not used to it now is not the time to go experimental with makeup as you want to feel and look like you. Remember that small blemishes can be easily edited out with Photoshop, so don’t stress too much if you have a rogue pimple or two, or the kids have a bruise from the latest playground fall.

Make sure you arrive at the studio on time or even a little bit early so that no one feels rushed since this doesn’t lend itself well to natural, relaxed photos. To make sure you’re not in a rush, give yourselves some extra prep time before heading out.

How to Prepare the Kids

With young kids, the key to a good family photo session is getting them excited for it. Kids usually prefer knowing what lies ahead, so best not to surprise them with the studio visit as you’ll want to avoid any tantrums when you arrive at the studio. Tell them about the photography session well in advance and remember that an excited, enthusiastic attitude is often contagious!

It’s important kids feel relaxed and not under pressure to perform when they’re in the studio. Being able to be a little silly means their real personalities shine through in the resulting shots and they’ll be something you’ll all love to look back on in the future.

Packing some yummy snacks and drinks is also a good idea. Favourite treats also make for excellent bribes and rewards to get them to stay in zone for just a wee bit longer. Avoid anything messy like chocolate that could end up down their shirts or smudged all over their little faces. For adults, we’re always happy to provide copious amounts of tea and coffee to help chill it all down.

Finally, planning something fun for after the shoot, like a visit to Willows Activity Farm next door or to get some ice cream gives the kids something fun to look forward to the entire day so that they don’t look at the photo session as an annoying chore or something to be nervous about. In fact it becomes part of the perfect family day out.

For further details, please do get in touch! We are always happy to help!

It’s a girl! After years of heartbreak and loss, Greg and Josie welcomed their beautiful rainbow baby girl in March 2022.

Welcoming any baby into the world brings promise and hope, but rainbow babies have a particular poignancy for new parents and families. The joy and excitement can be viciously turned into the exact opposite for some families when they get hit by the heart-breaking news of miscarriage, stillbirth or an early loss of the bundle of joy they so passionately awaited.

In March this year a ray of sunshine shone over Photographic Synergy as our very own Studio Manager Greg along with his wife Josie, welcomed into the world their beautiful rainbow baby – Emily Hope Cusick.

Like so many couples, their journey to become parents hasn’t been an easy one. Over the past few years, Greg and Josie have suffered excruciating heartbreak and loss. When Josie first fell pregnant in 2000, it was identified at a 20-week scan that their precious little boy had a serious heart defect and was diagnosed with a rare condition called Kabuki syndrome. Utterly devastated, Greg and Josie sadly lost him.

More heartbreak followed when a second pregnancy also ended in sadness when Josie miscarried.  So, when the couple were blessed with a third pregnancy last year, it was such an incredible moment. A pregnancy which was understandably fraught with conflicting emotions, and even more so during a global pandemic!

Having taken beautiful images of babies for lots of families over the years and having seen the joy on the faces of parents, Greg knew first-hand how important it is to celebrate the birth of a long-awaited baby after the crippling loss, it was only natural that Josie and bump were photographed every step of the way.

A maternity (or baby bump) shoot is a fantastic way of recording your pregnancy journey, and we often get couples coming back once the little one has arrived for a ‘before and after’ style shoot. We take special attention in perfecting your maternity photos for you to cherish this precious memory of the days when you held your little miracle so close to your heart.

So on the 26th March 2022, a rather frantic call into the Studio sent Greg into a panic (who was in the middle of a viewing at the time) – Josie was in labour!!! The wait was finally over, their precious baby girl was on the way, and a week early!  Emily Hope Cusick arrived safely into the world weighing a healthy 6lbs 7oz. Her name given to symbolise ‘hope’ that a rainbow baby brings after the storm has passed. 

A rainbow baby doesn’t mean your loss should be forgotten. It is actually quite the opposite – your rainbow baby will carry the torch of the love you will always have for the child or children you lost. The team at Photographic Synergy are absolutely thrilled for Greg and Josie, and Emily has already made an appearance in the studio – check out these adorable Easter bunny shots.

If you’re expecting If you want to find out more about our maternity photography to capture those magical 9 months, please give us a call on 01727 809 140 and we’d be happy to chat. Alternatively, you can book a maternity shoot online at


Rainbow babies are those born to couples who have experienced a previous loss due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death.

It is the understanding that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravage of the storm. When a rainbow appears, it doesn’t mean that the storm never happened or that the family is not still dealing with its aftermath. What it means is that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and clouds.

‘Rainbow babies’…a ray of light after the storm! 

Rocking a Christmas Family Photoshoot!

There is no better time than Christmas for an excuse to get the family together for festive fun at Photographic Synergy. A Christmas photoshoot is the best way to celebrate the holidays with loved ones, then turn your family pictures into Christmas cards and cherished mementos.

Christmas Photoshoot
Christmas Photoshoot
Christmas Photoshoot - Family

Christmas Pajamas, hats and jumpers can work particularly well, especially when you use matching clothing throughout the family. See our Christmas photoshoot Pinterest board for inspiration, or book your Christmas Family Shoot here.

Cute Children’s Christmas Photoshoot

With our professional photographers we promise you will not be able to resist the adorable smiling kids pictures we can capture this festive season. Whether it is sharing them on social media or giving them to grand parents for Christmas gifts we’re confident they’ll blow you away.
Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

We find that distracting the kids with some fun activities can create some stunning photos for your family album. Pillow fights in pajamas or blowing a little fake snow can work wonders, while some strategically placed fairy lights in the background create the atmosphere.

Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

Adorable Baby Christmas Photoshoots

Getting your baby all dressed up for Christmas is something you’re always remember. Props could include Christmas books, toys or strings of Christmas lights can also be a bright idea! You could experiment with your infant popping out of a Christmas wrapped gift box. If you have a newborn then getting them all wrapped up in a cozy Christmas coloured wool blanket makes for some lovely photographs. 

Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy
Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy
Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

Maternity Merriness

Go all out with a silhouette by the Christmas tree. Think about mistletoe, or a festive bow around your belly with symbols of love or gift tags with your due date for unwrapping!

Christmas Photoshoot - Maternity
Melissa Ritz | Pinterest
Christmas Photoshoot - Maternity | Maternity Photography | Maternity Photoshoot | Photographic Synergy | Photo Studio Hertfordshire St Albans AL4 | Karla Woods
Christmas Photoshoot - Maternity

Newborn Noel Photoshoots

Consider wrapping your newborn in a cute little winter hat, or within a Christmas wreath. An outfit with red, white or green colours is a great way to celebrate the festive season. Alternatively, be subtle and use a little spruce or a bauble to suggest Christmas time.

Christmas Photoshoot - Newborn
Christmas Photoshoot - Newborn | Newborn Photography
Christmas Photoshoot - Newborn

Christmas Comedy

Why not go all about and bring along some Christmas string lights to wrap around people. Or, for a play on words use some masking tape over your little cherubs mouths with the words “silent night”. Try wearing costumes like the Grinch or other Christmas characters. Cheesy pajamas or “ugly” sweaters never fail to create some festive fun.

Christmas Photoshoot
All Taped Up | Highlite Photography
Christmas Photoshoot

Romantic Couples Christmas Photoshoot

A kiss under the mistletoe is always a winner, while another idea that works well is holding up two candy canes in front of the camera to make a shape of a heart. You can also try Christmas socks to suggest the action of a romantic kiss, rather than capturing the whole frame. Then sometimes simply cuddled up in front of the camera with Christmas pajamas and hot chocolate can work just as well!

Christmas Photoshoot
Christmas Photoshoot
Marcela salcedo | Pinterest

Christmas Pooch Photoshoot

Why not bring your family pet along to a Christmas photoshoot or let them stand out in their very own Christmas themed shoot. Festive themed dog collars, hats, antlers, toys and bows all work well. 

Christmas Photoshoot
Photographic Synergy

Christmas Photoshoot Review

Above all the most important items to bring along to your Christmas photoshoot are festive props.  Think Christmas pajamas, festive jumpers, socks, ties, hats and winter gloves, scarves or mitts! Accessories could include Christmas coloured rugs or towels, Christmas story books, Christmas mugs or even string Christmas lights. Think about Christmas bows, candy and gift wrapped boxes to include in your shoot. 


This blog post includes imagery from Photographic Synergy as well as from other widely and readily available sources across the internet and within the public domain. Permission has been sought from owners, where possible. We only use images where no commercial or other license is applicable, and provide sources in case any creative common license may be applicable. Our intention with this blog post is to provide inspiration only, the company has no intention to infringe upon any image copyright. If you feel an image has been used without permission, please contact us and we will remove it immediately. 

Bring your fur babies to the studio for a pet photoshoot!

We’ve thrown the old advice of never working with children and animals out of the window because we do both. Whether your fur family is a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig…or even fur-less (Sphynx cat and reptile lovers we’re looking at you) we love to meet all kinds of creatures in our studio, and everyone is welcome! Except, we must admit as much as we love all animals, we can’t accept them all for a pet photoshoot, a horse just won’t fit in our studio…sorry folks!

Pets are as much a member of the family as anyone else as far as we’re concerned. They might drive us bonkers sometimes, but we love them unconditionally. They know how to give us those puppy dog eyes, or curl up on our laps like little angels having caused chaos 10 minutes earlier…yep, we’re suckers for our four-legged friends!

Our pet photoshoot environment is relaxed and friendly, and our photographer’s love animals so if your pet is a bit nervous in new environments, we aim to quickly put them at ease, and of course we’ll have treats on hand to calm any nerves! Don’t worry if you have an incredibly energetic pooch, or a curious cat, we’re used to animals running wild in the studio and having a good sniff around to suss the place out, and of course they’ll want to get to know who is taking their snapshot and make sure we get their best angles. 

We often get people say “Our pet would never sit still for a pet photoshoot”, but we have some tricks up our sleeve and, failing that, our hi-tech photographic equipment and highly experienced photographers will make sure we get some fantastic crisp and clear of your pet in motion – in fact, these are often the shots people love most as they capture their faithful friend’s true character. We also encourage you to bring any favourite toys or treats to make your furry friend feel at home – it’s important to us that your loved ones enjoy their pet photoshoot experience! 

We know how important it is for people to have beautifully captured photographs of their loved ones, whether human or otherwise, and we take huge pride in giving people the gift of photographic keepsakes that will last a lifetime. Let us capture your pet’s unique personality with a pet photoshoot at our state-of-the-art photography studio in St Albans, Hertfordshire. 

Call us 01727 809 140 to book your pet photoshoot or book online. Alternatively, you might like our pet photoshoot experience gift vouchers as a beautiful gift for your special furry friend or the pet lover in your life!

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